Cat Ricketts, formerly Catherine Prewitt, is a Maryland-based folk singer and songwriter. Her background in poetry informs the delicate and precise language of every line, while her gentle voice encircles listeners like a hug. Her songs sing loudest at house shows and small listening rooms, or outdoors while the golden hour ushers in a summer night.

Cat studied Creative Writing at the University of Pennsylvania, then spent three years mentoring high school and college students in the Philadelphia suburbs. In the 2012-2013 academic year, she was a fellowship recipient at the Trinity Fellows Academy on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She lived in an old country house on the Chesapeake Bay with eleven classmates and worked on a series of essays and songs which explore the humanizing virtues of music, emphasizing the value of musicianship rooted in place and committed to the thriving of that place. After two years in West Philadelphia, where she saw these ideals hit the streets in her neighborhood, she has returned to rural Maryland to let the quiet into her writing again. Cat is currently pursuing an MFA in creative non-fiction through Seattle Pacific University's low-residency program.