chanticleer, certain hope

Stream songs from the debut EP Chanticleer, Certain Hope below. Click here to purchase the EP.

Named for the flower garden in Philadelphia where she wrote many of these songs, Catherine's debut EP Chanticleer, Certain Hope chronicles the kind of loss that can make for an abrupt entry into adult life. These songs may take you places you do not want to go. But all along, Catherine holds an assuring palm on your back, a comfort to bolster you to face grief and to walk away kind and rested and with your heart still beating.

Catherine co-produced Chanticleer, Certain Hope with Daniel Smith (Danielson, Sufjan Stevens). They worked at Familyre Studio, a backyard barn amid the New Jersey farmlands just outside of Philadelphia. Catherine welcomed some old friends to embellish her simple melodies for the EP project: Brooklyn rhythm section Alex Baron (drums) & James Preston (bass), Philly's own Bethany Brooks (accordion) & Sarah Seligman (piano & organ) and Chicago trumpeter Eric Seligman. The rural backdrop, the novelty of April sunshine and the long dinners together at their West Philly homebase offered a restful pause from urban bustle for the whole band.

This EP is published under the artist's maiden name, Catherine Prewitt.